Letter from Ivan Vakhmyanin, CEO of Visiology International LTD


Dear Colleague,

As a software company with deep understanding and experience in the audiovisual industry, we focus on developing products that meet and surpass modern standards and help our partners design high-quality and cost-effective solutions.awards

One of them - Polywall - is a versatile hardware agnostic tool that facilitates management of video walls. Polywall is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution for any project: from simple collaboration rooms with just one small video wall to large distributed control centers with dozens of walls and operators, and hundreds of simultaneous processes. The latest version of the software supports AV-over-IP encoding that makes it possible to capture part of the video wall and display it in a different location, for instance, transmit a snapshot of a traffic monitoring report from a video wall in a specialized city agency to the central control room in a city government building.

Profound knowledge of basic and advanced capabilities of the software is the key to extracting maximum value from applying Polywall in a variety of projects. Our product is often at the heart of award-winning installations, but every such project relies on qualified engineers and their knowledge of products and technologies as the cornerstone of success.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in the ranks of our elite task force: POLYWALL CERTIFIED SPECIALIST team!

    Available courses

    Intended for engeneers and Crestron\Extron programmers for better understanding of Polywall Automation.

    Intended for managers and engineers to understand basic of our product.

    Intended for managers and engineers to understand all the features and nuances of Polywall Software.